Furniture Decals

Collection of furniture stickers ideal for decorating your home. Wall stickers with a household theme with items such as vases, clocks, chairs, tables, chairs, sofas, lamps and more. Decorate your furniture and give your home a personalised touch along with originality! We also have decals especially made for IKEA furniture.

If you have not found what you were looking for or need a specific size of a sticker you can contact us and we will do our best to create a personalised decal for you. Our high quality furniture decals are easy to apply and leave no residue upon removal.

Chess and Checkers Board Sticker

Ludo Board Game Sticker

Rock Star Wardrobe Furniture Sticker

Chalkboard Piece Table Sticker

Yellow Monster Wardrobe Kids Sticker

Purple Monster Kids Sticker

Cutlery Wall Sticker

Green Monster Kids Sticker

Painted Flamingos Wall Sticker

Electric Hot Hob Table Sticker

Blue Monster Wardrobe Kids Sticker

Fun Monsters Wardrobe Sticker

Noughts and Crosses Wall Sticker

Zebra Skin Furniture Sticker

Chess Board Wall Art Sticker

Butterfly Art Furniture Sticker

Leopard Skin Home Sticker

Deer Skin Furniture Sticker

Waves Bathroom Wall Sticker

Leopard Print Wall Sticker

Backgammon Board Sticker

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